Even in the absence of a clear source, a myth can persist for hundreds of years.

Read, ˹O Prophet,˺ in the Name of your Lord Who created — (QS.96:1)

TThere is a myth that persists both among Western scholars and within the Islamic community that one of the reasons for the backwardness of Islamic civilization, represented by the Ottoman Empire, was an excessive fear of the…

From Italo Calvino to Virginia Woolf, here’s a list of fun essays to read as we look forward to 2022 and beyond.

Is there anything more fun than reading brilliant essays as we prepare to welcome 2022? Well, there are many of course. You can have dinners with your mates, watch movies, go to city parks, play devil worship games like Football Manager, read Pornhub’s terms of service, watch Grand Theft Auto…

The Squid Game movie, like its predecessors, does not provide us with a fresh perspective on the future world. It only serves to confirm the popular quote that says, “it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

Rope in hell’s hole

On that fateful day, Erdina Sihombing, a 54-year-old mother who sells retail chili peppers at a traditional market in Medan (Indonesia), decided to trust her instincts. …

Political beliefs and literary works are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, rebels like Gorky belong in the prison, not in the Hall of Honor.

MMaxim Gorky was only briefly approached by joy. Three months after his best friend, Anton Chekhov, announced his candidacy for membership in the Imperial Academy of Sciences (now the Russian Academy of Science) — a prestigious institution containing Russia’s most famous scholars — Tsar Nicholas II vetoed the election. …

Termite Attack/Volkpop

♫ And above the sea we’ll sail
We’ll sink and leave no trails
I see your crimson eyes in the horizon
The blistering, blinding light, it is your vision

Sigmun — In the Horizon (Crimson Eyes/2015) ♫

by Budiarto

I have a rather conservative taste for the medium of reading…


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